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Mastering Your Camera
Mastering Your Camera. Free Book Offer

I have been updating one of my books following feedback from a few readers. The book was called “Beginning Photography the Right Way” which appears to be misleading. Experienced photographers have contacted me to say they found it valuable and a good refresher on many points. I have therefore decided to make a few corrections/updates and re-release the book under the title “Mastering your Camera”. Here is the link to the book on Amazon UK

If you previously purchased this book from Amazon, you can download the revised version for free. Just login to Amazon and navigate to the “Your Account” page. Click the link to “Manage your Content and Devices” then search for the book in the list. You should find an “Update Available” button next to the listing. Click this and it will download the updated book. The book is also enrolled in Kindle Unlimited allowing you to read it for free if you subscribe to this.

Free Book

There’s also good news if you didn’t purchase the original book as I’m giving away free copies to all my subscribers and followers to say thank you. On the 20th 21st and 22nd January the book will be available for free on Amazon. The book can only be downloaded from Amazon and it’s only available on these dates so please don’t ask me to provide copies (this is a contractual arrangement with Amazon).

A Favour

If you’re in a camera club or know someone who might enjoy/benefit from the book, please pass on details of the free download dates. My hope is that more people will learn about and benefit from my work. Perhaps they will be sufficiently impressed to leave a good review.

Don’t Have a Kindle?

If you don’t have a Kindle, don’t worry. You can still access the book using the free Kindle Readers. Kindle Readers are free software from Amazon that can be downloaded to your computer, tablet device or phone allowing you to read Kindle books. They support all the major platforms (Mac, Windows, Android). I have one on my iPhone for when I get stuck waiting somewhere and it’s excellent.

Here is a link to amazon page where you can download a free Kindle Reader App.

I will be sending out a reminder email to Lenscraft members soon.

4 thoughts on “Free Book Relaunched

  1. Hi Robin – thanks! Just posted this in our camera club’s forum. Let us know if you ever make it to the DC/Baltimore area!

    A recommendation from me on a great resource for ebooks and content

    This fellow Robin Whalley, aka “The Lightweight Photographer” does some great work with very targeted ebooks on a variety of topics. He provides well-written, logical and concise instruction on a lot of topics of interest to our group like HDR, Photoshop, Google/Nik sfw and the like. He is also providing some general skills material as you can see in the link below.

    My favorite thing about his writing, beyond just the quality of it, is that I particularly like NOT having to wade through all the permutations of options and choices, but rather be walked through an example without all the bunny trails being explored.

    Being eBooks/Kindle offerings, Robins work is super reasonably priced. I love that he updates his materials pretty conscientiously, and is invested in giving ongoing value to his customer/community base.

    He does not bombard you with material, but is genuinely interested in sharing his experience and photo journey via a Friday Picture blog.

    He happens to live in the UK, but heck, we’re all kind of related anyway being “people of the lens”. If he ever makes it to the Baltimore/DC area, we ought to invite him to present at one of our meetings.

    1. Thank you very much. I really appreciate you passing on the details and such an excellent writeup. I heve never been to Baltimore but may get over there in the future as Washington is on the list. If I make it over I would love to visit the club.

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