Focus issue

3 thoughts on “Focus issue

  1. I picked up a Fuji EX-2 while on the search for a smaller, lighter camera. I believe it came with a kit lens but don’t remember which it was. Anyway, I wanted to love the Fuji given many, many positive consumer reviews but

    1. (continuation of above) but I had similar results as you are reporting and so did not keep the camera. I’ve always thought it was my lack of knowledge R/T Fuji but maybe not. My images were muddy, just slightly out of sharp focus and overall a disappointment. Then I moved on to Olympus and had good results.

      1. This does seem like a common theme with people trying the Fuji cameras. You either love them or hate them. Olympus is a good robust solution for most shooting situations. I’m pleased that your now achieving good results.

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