4 thoughts on “RWhalley_G16_2015_01_IMG_0459

  1. Hi Robin, just a short note to thank you for your effort and your beautiful pictures. As to the lightweight problem, my approach is to keep my backpack below 7 kg during the summer and 10 kg in winter. Taking into account water, food, emergency and spare clothes this leaves approx. 1 kg for photography gear (usually an olympus e-pm1 and a couple of lenses).

    1. Sounds like a good set up. Do you carry the EM1 in your backpack or have a separate bag for it. I tent to use small Lowepro 110 should bag or a slightly larger version which takes two spare lenses. I then strap this under my backpack to keep it stable whilst walking.

      1. When the lenses I brought are zooms (the kit zoom 14-42, with the wide angle converter and the 40-150 f:4-5.6) I have everything in a small photography bag on my shoulder. However at times I opt for the 17 mm pancake, in which case I carry the camera in one pocket and a tele lens (either the zoom or the 45 f:1.8) in the other pocket, together with some filters. I never keep my camera in the backpack, except when it rains heavily or when climbing.

      2. Thanks Andrea. I always forget about the prime lenses despite owning quite a few. They are really small. I think the reason I don’t like using them is all the changing of lenses. They are excellent though and very small.

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