4 thoughts on “MF_00795

  1. Beautiful! Has a very sharp Ektar look with almost Fuji reversal film color along with the blue Ektar tint that dominates in scenes like this. I also intend to shoot with the Bronica and Mamiya 120 film cameras soon, but having suggested recently on your site that I favor BW film, I must ask, however, how the Ektar looks in conversion to BW. The obvious reason for this is to capture colors which can then be manipulated in PS and Lightroom to various tones of gray. The main issue, for me, is if the Ektar converted image in BW will still have the classic “BW film feel”?

    p.s. It looks like you did an excellent job in scanning. Was this with the Epson holder, a third party holder, or with the wet mount?

    Thanks, John

    1. I have to admit that the Ektar scans very well. I found it easier than the Provia slide film I used to use and much easier than Velvia. The difficulty I have had with Ektar is getting the colour balance right. I use VueScan and it does a cracking job of pulling detail out of the neg (much better than Epson Scan) but the colour correction profile isn’t quite as I would like it. I then need to do some further adjustment once I have it in Photoshop. I’m going to write up my workflow and add it to Lenscraft as a tutorial. Should be available in the next couple of weeks. In terms of detail, Ektar is excellent and very sharp. I use a third party mount which is a plate of Anti-newton glass which you then tape the negs to. It’s crude but works better than the Epson holders I find.

  2. Very nice stuff.

    I have also been shooting medium format these days. It marks a very nice departure from shooting digital, as you say. It’s winter, so I’ve been running Portra 400 through it, but I’m looking forward to brighter days when I’ll be able to shoot Ektar 100 handheld again. It’s special stuff.

    It’s almost enough to tempt me away from trying a larger format with digital. The A7r certainly seems like it would be a nice companion to my M4/3 kit. I just don’t know if it would be able to retain the same feel that you’ve highlighted so nicely here.

    1. I have quite a bit of Portra 400 in the fridge also both in 35mm for my Xpan and MF for the Bronica. I have to say though, I am loving the Ektar. As for the A7r, I also really like this camera. I like the colour handling of the Sony (its the same with the RX10), especially the greens and blues. I find them very lifelike. The only problem is as always, the weight. I chose to use it with Canon L lenses so its a bit bulky and I need to manual focus. Autofocus just hunts around too much.

      I have to admit that I didn’t realise so many of the blog followers were big film fans. I am going to have to share more of my experiments.

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