2 thoughts on “RWhalley_RX10_2015_02_DSC6390

  1. I have taken similar shots with the reflection blown out.
    The reflection on the water can be blinding to the eye this means that the shot is true representation but I always feel I have failed photgraphically as blown highlights are a “no no” any thoughts on this ?

    1. I have a few thoughts on this:
      1. There is no real deatail in these blown highlights so there is no point trying to recover the areas. It’s like trying to recover detail in the sun when that appear in your image.
      2. If you want to have drama in your images you need to include deep shadows/blacks as well as white. If I hadn’t included the blown highlights the image wouldn’t be so dramatic.
      3. People seem to like it.
      4. I like it.
      In short, don’t worry about blow specular highlights in high contrast situations. What matters is that you create an image you are happy with.

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