Friday Image No.77

Lulworth Cove, Dorset. Three image stich with a Sony A7r. Canon 16-35mm lens at 20mm. 1" exposure using f/14.0 and ISO50.
Lulworth Cove, Dorset. Three image stich with a Sony A7r. Canon 16-35mm lens at 20mm. 1″ exposure using f/14.0 and ISO50.

When I look at this image it’s easy to forget how difficult the conditions were. This is a three image stitch using the Sony A7r with a Canon 16-35 L series lens. One shot, even with the wide angle of the 16mm wasn’t sufficient to catch the entire scene.

Metering was another problem. The contrast difference across the scene was huge and the headland on the far side of the cove as well as to the right of the image was in deep shadow. It actually looks black on the RAW file. But selective adjustment has opened up these dark shadows, showing just how much detail can be recovered from the A7r RAW file.

Finally, the wind was blowing, the rain was lashing down and the sunrise was rather brief. I managed to set up for this series of images and repeated the shot three times. By the end of this the sunrise had faded. Of the images I shot, I struggled to find sufficient that were pin sharp. The wind had caused a lot of vibration and was no doubt catching on my filters.

The life of a Landscape Photographer is never an easy one. What makes it more painful is when someone looks at the images and says that’s nice, it must have been lovely to see that. Actually, it was uncomfortable and taxing.

11 thoughts on “Friday Image No.77

  1. It’s a beautiful image and a wonderful setting. The panorama worked well. I had to laugh at your last comment… I also cringe when someone says oh, you were lucky to get such a great shot!

  2. Looks uncomfortable and taxing. Funny name too, if you know that lul is the Dutch word for the English word penis and than the rude form of it;-)

      1. Always glad to help, and see, it was a very fitting name for the ordeal you went through:-)

  3. I lived on the Dorset coast not far from here for many years and can vouch for your description of the weather. The wind whips off the Atlantic, hammers across Lyme Bay and batters anything in its path once it hits land. This would be a nice shot under any circumstances but to carry out your planned technique and not run for the safety of the car makes it exceptional. I don’t see the (apparent) lack of sharpness a problem, for me this shot is all about colour and atmosphere – the turbulence on the water line says it all about the wind.

  4. Robin , A superb photo, but it’s difficult to understand your comment on the”black RAW”. It might help if you were to send before and afters, it might give us a better idea of how you made the improvements to the shot.

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