Friday Image No.76

Olympus EM5, 0.6 ND Grad filter. 17mm, f/7.1 1/400" at ISO200.
Olympus EM5, 0.6 ND Grad filter. 17mm, f/7.1 1/400″ at ISO200.

I thought for this week’s Friday Image I would share a photo I shot during a recent holiday in Dorset. This is the beach just outside Bournemouth and was one of the few times that it stopped raining. The wind however was ferocious pretty much the entire time.

I have decided to share both the colour image and the black and white as I’m not sure which I prefer. The colour image has some lovely colours in the sea but the lacks a little in contrast. What I like about the black and white image is the bite that it has as well as being able to add grain.

Olympus EM5, 0.6 ND Grad filter. 17mm, f/7.1 1/400" at ISO200.
Olympus EM5, 0.6 ND Grad filter. 17mm, f/7.1 1/400″ at ISO200.

I think I will probably return to the image in the future to see if I can produce I could version that I prefer.

Have a great weekend everyone.

13 thoughts on “Friday Image No.76

  1. Black and white for me – a little more dramatic and gives more emphasises to the conditions. I find the red on the sign a bit distracting in colour. A nice shot taken in difficult conditions.

  2. Colour for me, the BW has lost some of the drama I feel and that colour in the sea is something I love to see in al life but find so hard to capture on film.

  3. The mono version for me but I think it could perhaps benefit a little by cropping the bottom up above the level of the shingle to reinforce the strength of the image.

    1. Thanks. It’s funny you mention the cropping as I did crop it initially more than this image (this one is still cropped). I couldn’t quite make up my mind but then I didn’t spend much time on this image. Something to consider for the next version. Thanks.

  4. I think the colour version just has the edge at the moment. Not just the colour of the sea, but the warm glow of the rays of sunshine just add that bit extra.

    1. Thanks, another interesting comment. It’s the warm glow of the sun on the cloud that initially I didn’t like. I felt that it jarred with the colour of the sea which made it look a little unnatural. It is however just as the camera captured it so perhaps I shouldn’t be too harsh.

  5. Oooh I really like the colour, the muted drama of the clouds and the intense but soft green of the sea play off the light beams nicely.

      1. That makes sense seeing as I found your blog ages ago and really liked your work and have both followed and bought several of your books. BTW I found the printing one really useful and am working on getting the printer and paper profiles from one of our local printers to start experimenting with 🙂

  6. Sorry for this belated response – busy time of year!
    I don’t think that I that would opt for one before the other. For me they convey different but equally pleasing responses. The colour has an ethereal, almost calming, “feel” whereas the Mono adds drama. I would keep and enjoy both!

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