Friday Image No.74

Looking across a calm Ullswater at dawn. Olympus EM5.
Looking across a calm Ullswater at dawn. Olympus EM5.

After a long layoff from producing Stock & Calendar Photography, I decided that it’s time to work through my huge back catalogue of image. I have been busy picking those I like in order to process and keyword the images. I have to admit that I have surprised myself with how much I like some of the images.

The other thing that surprised me was how easy it now is to enhance your images. Yes I know I enhance my images all the time but that’s to my artistic taste. When you’re trying to edit an image to appeal to a mass audience the approach is a little different.

Take this image for example. It was nice but the mist was a little lacking. But with a few brush strokes and slider tweaks the mist becomes a central part of the image. Next week I will share how easy it is to do this in Lightroom.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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