The G7X is Working Well

Barmouth, North Wales, Canon G7X, ISO125, f/5.0, 1/800".
Barmouth, North Wales, Canon G7X, ISO125, f/5.0, 1/800″.

I thought that I would share this image with you. It was shot on the Canon G7X during Saturday’s trip to Barmouth in Wales. We had just walked up through the woods to this outlook and decided the light was perfect. As my main camera was in a pack on my back I decided to shoot this image with the G7X which I had in my hand.

I set my bag down to get my camera out and by the time I had a large cloud had sent the valley into shade. The cloud never shifted and I never managed another decent shot. Fortunately the little G7X with its 20Mpixel sensor seems to do one hell of a good job of rendering detail. Here is a small section of the trees in the distance.

Section of the main image magnified at 100%. Some display sharpening has been applied.
Section of the main image magnified at 100%. Some display sharpening has been applied.

Sharpened properly, this will make an excellent large print (depending of course on your definition of a large print). In any case, I’m really warming to this camera.

4 thoughts on “The G7X is Working Well

  1. Interesting to see you getting great results with the G7x. Like you, I am an OMD user (and hill walker) but would like to upgrade my compact. Any thoughts about the Canon vs the Sony RX100 (various)? I have always liked the USB charging feature of the Sonys as it means carrying a bit less on multi-day trips bit I prefer Canon’s interace.


    1. It’s a little tricky to recall all the RX100 details. It was a nice camera but the Canon is a little easier to handle and probably will be in cold weather. The RX100 was smaller. I think the centre of the RX100 images were sharper than the Canon but the edges were softer – this has been my consistent experience with Sony lenses I’m sorry to say. The RX100 also suffered from a strange type of pink fringing when taking bright scenes and was particularly obvious in snow scenes. It was a real pain to get rid of and the usual CA adjustments didn’t touch it. I never found out what it was but did notice it in other peoples sample images. It’s small niggles like that which put me off. I think I prefer the G7X on balance.

  2. I’m warming to your wee camera too! A “shot” full of peaceful charm and, the colour rendition, is wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I have, all but, weened myself from my D3 except for specific types of images ie using my Tilt and Shift. I am constantly delighted with the feeling of freedom I feel and the quality of image I get with my Fuji XT 1.

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