Friday Image No.54

Liverpool, Panasonic GM1, Panasonic 35-100mm lens, f/6.3, 1/400" at ISO200
Liverpool, Panasonic GM1, Panasonic 35-100mm lens, f/6.3, 1/400″ at ISO200

I have visited this location in Liverpool quite a few times over the past years and my friend has visited it even more often. We never seem to have a clear shot of the building for cars parked in front of it.

This time we managed it. When I have a moment I will stitch together the frontal elevation but I thought I would share this crop as a Friday image. I know it’s probably not to everyone’s taste but I do like taking pictures like this. This area of Liverpool is changing fast and I would hate to see history lost. We photographers need to take time to record our surroundings.

Have a great weekend everyone.

6 thoughts on “Friday Image No.54

  1. I really enjoy images like this, especially as I live in a very young country. And if photographers don’t record these scenes they will be lost forever as our cultures progress.

  2. Wonderful picture. You have inadvertently asked a question regarding this photo in stating that this type of picture is something not to everyone’s taste. For me, it is exactly what I would search for. It is the type of photo that I would classify as “urban decay” or just “decay”. It is fascinating to look at an image like this that contains so many interesting elements. First, there is the obvious decay in the rust, pitted and rotten wood, broken glass, faded paint, et cetera. Next, there is an air of mystery of what is being said by the words and what is behind the foggy glass. One wonders what the place was all about regarding the words “Stores”.
    “Ships”, “Chandlers”. As an American it seems a little “Greek” to me. Then there is the texture in the brick and the wood that the photo brings out; and the detail of the wire used to repair the window; and the hanging string or wire. I could go on and on as to why this is a great photo and yes, it should be in a catalog of what our urban landscape was and how it is changing and what those long past times were all about. One final thought is that with tight framing like this, one wonders what the whole building looked like? Superb and stimulating photo Robin. John Marsh

  3. Hi Robin Love the Liverpool image. As I also like this type of work dare I ask where about it is. So far we have only visited the Albert Dock area.

    Many thanks Carole


    1. Thanks I’m pleased you like it. It’s actually quite close to Albert docs. Stand with the docs behind you and cross the main road. Turn right and walk along the main road. After a few hundred meters you will come to a McDonald’s. Turn left up the side streets and you will find old warehouses and buildings around the area including this one. Don’t leave it too long as the area is being renovated. I expect it will be gone in a few years.

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