Spring Has Arrived

Sony RX10, ISO80, 1/100" at f/5.6
Sony RX10, ISO80, 1/100″ at f/5.6

I didn’t have to walk far for this shot. These crocus were in the pot outside my back door. Lovely colours from the RX10 again.

6 thoughts on “Spring Has Arrived

  1. You really are taking the 9!$$ out of this Lighweight Photography business Robin. Why not just shoot from the bedroom?! 🙂

    Lovely use of the light by the way.

  2. Lovely. I just bought an RX10 and am really enjoying your posts about this camera. Many thanks, I look forward to following you. Wonderful blog!

  3. A stunning beautiful shot, but here is some alternative thinking about shooting in your back yard. It seems that in this case using one of your lightest and simplest cameras isn’t the most necessary of options. Here one has the chance to use that D800 that you really don’t want to drag around or perhaps an old view camera that you can easily set up in the yard. For me it might be one of my old Bronica SQAI’s with a roll of Ektar just for fun. Taking time and adjusting to changing light conditions while using your hand held meter can be a very liberating and refreshing exercise and possibly stimulate your philosophical nature for photography. But if you really want to stay lightweight, how about trying out a pin hole camera!

    1. Hi John, I think the pont yo are making is that whatever camera we chose to use we should enjoy it. A sentiment I totally agree with. Judging by your comment you might find a couple of my posts next week interesting. And yes, I do have a pinhole.

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