Sony RX10 Surprise

Sony RX10 in the Lake District. F5.6, ISO80, 1/200". Monochrome conversion in Nik Silver Efex
Sony RX10 in the Lake District. F5.6, ISO80, 1/200″. Monochrome conversion in Nik Silver Efex
ANd I thought I would also share the colour version as the RX10 colours are superb.
And I thought I would also share the colour version as the RX10 colours are superb.

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything over this past week. That’s because I have been taking a break in the Lake District enjoying some walking and a little photography. I had with me a range of cameras (you never quite know what you will need):

  • Sony RX10
  • Olympus EM5
  • Panasonic GM1 (including a new 35-100 lens I have just purchased)
  • Canon G16

I started the week using the RX10 as the weather was looking quite changeable and it’s easy to push the camera under a coat. I also didn’t want to be bothered keep changing lenses which is quite a pain when out on the hills. As a backup I had the GM1 in my backpack.

By the end of the week, interestingly, I had only used the RX10. I must admit that some of the images were a little blurred due to camera shake but I just shot a few of each composition to ensure I had at least one good image.

If you had asked me at the start of the week I would never have predicted that I would use the RX10 exclusively. I must admit that I loved it and best of all I learned a few new points about how the camera seems to work out exposures. I will share these with you in my next post.

4 thoughts on “Sony RX10 Surprise

  1. I think the monochrome is better than the colour one….. There’s something special in monochrome 😊

    1. I agree. I also favour the mono version. I published the colour one as I do like the richness of the Sony colours and to be honest my original intention was for this to be a colour image. Sometimes you just have to change your mind.

  2. I’ve been trying the B&W on my new RX100m3 ( didn’t have the Cannon) and having my first “manual” camera was a pain in the backside! Only ever owning autos it was a bit of a culture shock for me! I thought it would be so easy. I found out the hard way.. but having the camera for 3 weeks and just learning I’ve really fallen in love with it. Simple things like taking the same photo using a tripod and just slowly changing ISO and shutter speeds and aperture … I’ve learned a lot in a short time… Really getting some great pictures now 😊

    1. The RX100 series of cameras are all excellent. I recently looked back at some of the images I shot with the MK1 and they are very sharp and clear. The only thing that let them down was a strange purple tint in bright conditions (I suspect this was the lens) and soft corners when the lens was used at the wide end. Great to hear that you are learning so much and enjoying your photography.

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