Further Website Frustrations

RX10, ISO80, f/4.0, 1/25"
RX10, ISO80, f/4.0, 1/25″

So, I have to start this post with yet another apology. I was feeling quite pleased with myself after the flurry of activity last weekend and a few nights this week. Security on the Lenscraft website was much tighter and the response speeds were very good.

How things have changed.

Last night I received an email from my hosting company advising that they were doing some maintenance on their infrastructure and that there may be a short outage on my web site of 10-60 minutes. The site has been down almost 24 hours.

If you try to access the Lenscraft site at present all you get is the message “Error Establishing Database Connection”. This is made worse by the fact that I can’t access the control centre for the website where I do all the maintenance.

I reported this some 14 hours back and all I received was an email telling me support will be a minimum 24 hours response. I am now sat on an instant message session with the support team who have identified the database server has stopped and are now trying to reboot it.

I just want to be a photographer!!!!!

Further update (2 minutes after posting this). The fault was traced to the database server which has now been restarted. Lenscraft is back on air. I think I deserve a glass of wine!

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