Friday image No.042

New Brighton Lighthouse

I always promise myself that when I go out on a day’s shoot that I will wait for a while before I publish any images. I find that it’s this distance from the days shooting that allows you to appreciate which images are the best. That way you avoid being caught up in the emotion of the day and are not influenced by your expectations.

Then again I’m really impatient and some images just scream share me. Here’s one from last weekend. This was shot at New Brighton. It now quite a different place to that that Martin Parr captured.

Have a great weekend everyone.

4 thoughts on “Friday image No.042

  1. I don’t recall seeing a lighthouse actually stuck right into the water like this. It seems most lighthouses have some rock or structure around it to block waves or to insure a landing craft. Understanding that this image was brought to the screen quickly, however, one detail I would correct is the horizon line needs to be leveled ever so slightly.

    1. The lighthouse is at the mouth of the Mersey and is a major shipping line. When the tide is out the base of the lighthouse is fully exposed allowing you to walk right round it. Any ship trying to cross this stretch of water (which looks like open sea when the tide is in) would ground out immediately on the sand banks. As for the horizon, yes it is slightly tilted and yes I should correct it. It was a rushed processing job from a handheld shot.

      1. Regarding “tides”, that’s what I was thinking, but here in the Midwest U.S., around the Great Lakes, we have no tides, but a fair amount of lighthouses that all seem to be perched on rock structures. I guess that’s why I thought this one looked so unusual. So how far away were you and what focal lens was used? Thanks, John

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