Website woes

Cloud over the salt flats at uyuni, bolivia
Cloud over the salt flats at uyuni, bolivia

Today, as with yesterday I have spent the day trying to migrate my Lenscraft site to WordPress. The easy part was building the site. The difficult part has been trying to migrate almost 3,000 user accounts over to the new site.

Actually that wasn’t the hard part. The hard part has been trying to notify people of the move. I thought I would be helpful and include peoples user names in the email I sent out. My email software had other ideas and has replaced some peoples (not everyone’s) user name with the word “Yes”. You can imagine the confusion this is causing and I’m frantically trying to email people as they raise a query. So if you are affected, please continue to use your original user name that you registered.

To cheer me up I thought I would share another Bolivia image. This time it’s of a cloud over the salt flats. I like the shadow it casts.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.

6 thoughts on “Website woes

  1. Happened to my account. I figured it out, replaced ‘Yes’ with my username, logged in & updated my password on the new site. Guess being a logical problem solver helps. 2d career as computer geek doesn’t hurt….

    I appreciate and benefit from your work, Robin.

    1. Thanks Larry,

      Good to know that you have been able to log in. I’m not sure how many people seem to have been affected as the mailing list software shows the correct user names for everyone. Fortunately I can see that quite a few people have been able to log in and update their passwords. Let’s hope this is the final website migration I ever need to do.

  2. Wasn’t a drama esp once I had the email from you advising the issue. I couldnt remember my username so just went with the “Forgot my Password” link and reset it that way, got my username and all good 🙂

    Had a quick look at the new site, looks good. Need to spend more time in the members area, reading the articles.

    1. I have to admit WordPress needs a little effort to get the most from it but I needed a platform that would support my subscribers. Let me know if you would like me to add your site to the Lenscraft Member Sites area.

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