Free GX1 and LX5 RAW Camera Profiles

Great End in the Lake District in the first snows of Winter. Captured on my GX1 in RAW and converted using a custom Camera Calibration.

Since discussing my experiences with the X-Rite Color Passport and using this to generate Camera RAW profiles, I have received a number of requests to share my profiles. Being a good natured sort of chap I have decided to load these onto my Lenscraft website where anyone wanting to can download them for free. The only limitation is that you will need to sign up for free membership of my site to access the download page. Membership also gives you access to free materials as well as the profiles so I’m sure you will agree this is a pretty good deal.

The profiles once installed correctly should appear in the Adobe RAW converters in Photoshop and Lightroom when you load a RAW file for one of these cameras. I find them an improvement on the profiles shipped by Adobe but then they were generated for my cameras so this might not be the case for you.

Anyway, give them a try, they may work for you.

8 thoughts on “Free GX1 and LX5 RAW Camera Profiles

  1. Went to your site and I’m loving it. Registered and looking forward to reading more and downloaded additional tutorials. Thanks a bunch.

  2. Hi, I tried to register on your lenscraft website, problem is that I don’t reveive a confirmation e-mail so I couldn’t complete the registering process. Perhaps you could send the confirmation link manually? I’d really like to log-in.
    Thank you for your trouble,

    1. I just checked and your registration email seems to be different to the one your using here. It looks like you missed the s out from the ms5. Anyway, I have corrected this and reset the systm to generate a new password for you. If you don’t receive this within an hour please let me know. Best option is to email me using Don’t worry we will get this sorted out.

  3. Hi Robin,
    Could you send me RAW profile for LX5 via email, because it’s no longer available on lenscraft site.

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