New Tutoral Published


I have just uploaded a new Lightroom tutorial to the members area of my Lenscraft website. It covers the key controls in the Develop module and is one of a few that I am currently working on.

 The article will probably go live on ePHOTOzine in the next could of weeks but members have the opportunity to read it first and also download it as a pdf file for offline viewing.


 Oh yes, and if you are wondering about the image it’s a shot from a few years back which I have reprocessed with my new Nik software. It was shot on a Canon 400D which isn’t really lightweight but my processing was. The conversion only took a couple of minutes work.

4 thoughts on “New Tutoral Published

  1. Thanks for the new Lightroom tutorial – very useful.
    You mention about using the Profile Faithful. When I use the drop down against Profile I only see Adobe Standard.
    How do I get this profile please as I have a 5D Mk2 so would like to give it a trial.?
    I have LR 3.6. Is Faithful a feature with LR 4?

  2. That’s interesting. My profiles for the 5D have always appeared in Lightroom from day one. I started with Lightroom 3.0 when it was first released. I doubt it would make any difference but have you also tried loading the Canon software that came with your camera just in case it also installs some additional profiles.

    Also are you processing RAW files? If you are using TIFF or JPG’s you will see they have an “Embedded” profile which is embedded at the time of conversion (in the case of JPG that would be when they are captured).

    1. I have just checked back again & I had checked previously with a RAW file from my LX5 camera when only Adbobe Standard showed in the Profile list.
      I have now loaded a RAW file taken with my 5DMk2 into Develop & now several profiles have appeared including Faithful.
      I had assumed that all Profiles would be there all the time no matter what camera was used. Apparently that is not the case.

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