Opportunity or Rip Off


I have now been a Panasonic LX5 user for around 18 months and have been incredibly impressed by this little camera. I love its small size, its RAW files, its fast super sharp lens and its great little sensor. And whilst it’s only a 10Mpixel sensor I can easily create A3+ prints that look stunning. I was therefore very excited the other day when I read on the Online Photographer Blog that the LX7 is being released.

At the mere thought of the LX7 my mind went crazy with all the improvements that might be incorporated. Whilst the sensor and lens combination are great at A3+ I would ideally have liked a 14Mpixel sensor. Perhaps also a tilting LCD display and a built in EVF. Perhaps the lens will have its zoom range increased to 24-120 like the legendary Sony R1.

 I was however a little taken aback when I read the spec to find out it was quite like the LX5. Admittedly the lens is even faster and supposedly sharper, whilst the sensor is better at producing clean, noise free images. This wasn’t however the huge step change I had hoped for and I now wonder if some of the other manufacturers e.g. Sony with their RX100 20MP wonder are pulling ahead.

Having spent some time reading the specifications I doubt I am going to spend the £450 necessary to upgrade my LX5 which on paper looks to have a similar spec. Perhaps when I come to use one I will appreciate the great lens and sensor sufficiently to want one – but I can’t help thinking I might be getting ripped off.

6 thoughts on “Opportunity or Rip Off

  1. Why have they jumped to LX7? What happened to LX6?
    Thanks for the spec info on the LX7 & as you say it sounds as if it could be a bit of a rip off.

  2. I’m a first time buyer of the Lumix cameras from Panasonic. I got the LX7 for $299 to replace my Canon S95. I’m very pleased with it so far with my only complaint being that the wheel on the back seems a bit too fiddly.

    1. As a first time buyer I have no doubt the LX7 is a great purchase, especially at the price you quote. It’s nearer twice that price in the UK. The Canon S95 was a great camera also but possibly a little small. I’m guessing the feel of the LX7 is a little more substantial (putting aside the control wheel). I hope you enjoy it and I would be interested to hear your views in the future.
      All the best

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