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I Love Drobo

Yesterday, one on my Drobo units warned me that it was running short of space. This is hardly surprising given the amount of video production I have been doing recently.

I opened the Drobo dashboard software and checked the drives. The software showed me the unit had 2 x 2TB and 2 x 1.5TB disks installed. It also indicated I should replace one of the 1.5TB disks with a larger capacity volume, highlighting it amber. The replacement drive I ordered from Amazon was 3TB and cost only £74 including delivery.

Today the drive arrived, I popped the magnetic cover off the Drobo, ejected the recommended disk and inserted the replacement. It took me around 30 seconds to swap the disks and I didn’t even need to turn the unit off. The Drobo dash then popped up a few messages before turning on data protection mode. This is where the content of the Drobo is spread across all the installed drives in case one ever fails. As for the 1.5TB drive, I popped that into my other Drobo unit which had 2 x 4TB, 1 x 1TB and 1 x 500GB disks.

What I find great is, even though the Drobo is busy protecting the data on the disks, I can still use it just as I would normally. In fact, I just finished editing another video lesson, saving it to the Drobo.

This is how technology should work.

Camera Equipment Storage

A damp misty morning captured with the RX10. Damp conditions are perfect for encouraging mould.

Following my recent RX10 mould issues, I was discussing the problem with someone at The Real Camera Company in Manchester. These were the people where I sent my RX10 to the repaired and who did such an excellent job.

It appears the common approach of many photographers is to store their equipment in camera bags. Typically, the camera would be left in the camera bag between outings. A bag which would usually be zipped shut and sometimes be damp from being out in the field. What better conditions for mould to thrive than in dark, damp conditions with no circulating air.

My own approach to storing camera equipment as to keep it in a camera bag but with the top open and use silica gel sachets to limit moisture. If the bag became wet I would remove the equipment until it had been dried for at least 48 hours. Thinking about it, I decided this wasn’t good enough given the cost of equipment.

This is when my wife had a great idea and suggested this storage.

Shoe Storage Unit

This was purchased from Costco for around £20. It’s actually storage for shoes but it fits camera equipment perfectly. I can fit my Fuji X-T2 + lens in one of these compartments. I can fit all the Fuji lenses in the next and so on. I now have all my camera equipment and key accessories in this 4 x 3 unit. Everything is easy to get at, the units are semi-transparent so exposed to light and air can circulate freely.

Let’s hope this keeps mould away.