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What Paper’s That

Hodge Close Quarry at Holme Fell. The colours in this image are excellent using the new paper.

Recently I have been doing a few presentations at Camera Clubs and Photographic Societies. When I’m doing presentations I always like to take along some printed work. Members can then look at my prints when we break, as well as ask me questions.

One question that has been asked without fail is “what paper’s that?” as people seem to be very impressed. The answer is Permajet Matt Plus 240. The reason I use this paper is not because it’s very impressive but because it’s very, very good value. The print quality is good, there isn’t much bleed, the base tone and colour is nice for a matt paper and it even handles tonal range well. It a good value matt paper for general printing.

Following these comments, I decided to look for another good value paper but with a lustre finish rather than matt. I decided to try Fotospeed Pearl 290. First impressions are quite positive, even using a generic printer profile.

The image requires very little adjustment in soft proofing (something I like) and the detail is very clear and sharp. Colours are natural and strong and the prints have a good depth. The paper seems very similar to the old Ilford Galerie Pearl range which I used to print with many years ago.

The only thing I have noticed is that the generic profile is a little dark on my printer so I need to add some Brightness. I’m going to build a custom profile when I have a little time so I expect the results to improve.

It looks like I may have another good value paper.