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Friday Image No. 112

Rock and heather in the Peak District. Fuji XT1. Conversion in Lightroom.
Rock and heather in the Peak District. Fuji XT1. Conversion in Lightroom.

For this week’s Friday image, I thought I would show another shot that’s more heavily processed than my usual style. I shot this a couple of months back when the heather was in flower. The light was quite poor being high in the sky and blue from the presence of all the cloud. Here is the before and after comparison in case you’re wondering what it looked like.

Before and after comparison
Before and after comparison

The conversion was performed totally in Lightroom. I’m sure this image won’t appeal to a large audience but if anyone would like to know more about the conversion, let me know and I will record and share a video.

Have a great weekend.

Landscape Photography is Frustrating

Stones at Padley Gorge. Fuji XT1 + 16-55 lens.
Stones at Padley Gorge. Fuji XT1 + 16-55 lens.

I mentioned on Friday’s blog post that I was heading out for an early morning shoot the following day. At the time the weather forecast appeared to be little hit or miss. The intention was to shoot Winnats Pass in the Peak District. I was meeting a couple of friends there and to be honest the weather conditions on the drive over had me feeling hopeful. Unfortunately, within 2 miles of my destination I hit a fog bank but I wasn’t to be deterred.

Meeting up we decided to press on as the pass is high and the Hope Valley often fills with fog at this time of year. This can give rise to a cloud inversion where you find yourself looking out across a sea of cloud. The first challenge though was finding our way. I had never been to this location and my friends had only been once before. If you add to this the dark and thick fog, you should be able to guess that we got lost trying to cross a field. Eventually we did find the path and emerged onto the head of the pass. The view that greeted us was dull and foggy.

Rather than share one of my images with you, here’s a link to another photographer’s website. This is what it should have looked like.


If the sun did come up on that morning, we missed it.

Eventually we cut our losses. Regrouping we gathered our thoughts with a cup a tea and cooked breakfast. This is when we decided to try Padley Gorge in the Peaks.  The water and trees might prove quite evocative in the mist. Again, luck was against us as the fog cleared by the time we arrived, leaving us with a dull and overcast sky.

The image you see at the top of the post was taken in the gorge where there’s an old quarry. For those of you who don’t know, the round stones in the image are millstones. The gritstone in the area was perfect for making these and you can find millstones in many locations throughout the Peak District. They are a sort of icon of the area. My intention had been to shoot the image for B&W conversion given it was still too early for autumn colour. Having now seen the colour and B&W together, I do prefer the colour image, I think. Here’s the B&W version in case you’re interested.

Stones at Padley Gorge. B&W conversion.
Stones at Padley Gorge. B&W conversion.

In the end we gave up at around 13:00 and by the time I had driven home (about 50 minutes), the weather was glorious. As I said, landscape photography is frustrating.


Friday Image No. 104

Sony A7r + 16-35mm Lens. ISO50 f/18.0, 1/3". 0.6 ND Grad + Polarising filter.
Sony A7r + 16-35mm Lens. ISO50 f/18.0, 1/3″. 0.6 ND Grad + Polarising filter.

Although I love a good sunrise or sunset, it’s not my favourite light to photograph. I actually much prefer a low warm sun that provides a lovely warm side light. If you couple that with flowering heather and vibrant green ferns blowing in a breeze you have my perfect scene. Whilst I struggled a little for composition with this image I loved being on location.

Have great weekend and watch out for more on the RAW processing/Fuji problems. I have some interesting findings to share.

Friday Image No.103

Higger Tor. Sony A7R + Canon 16-35mm lens. ISO50, f/18.0, 1/4". Tripod mounted with 0.6ND Grad and Polarising filter.
Higger Tor. Sony A7R + Canon 16-35mm lens. ISO50, f/18.0, 1/4″. Tripod mounted with 0.6ND Grad and Polarising filter.

This week I want to share an image from last weekend. A friend offered to meet me at Higger Tor to get a few morning shots. I have never been to Higger Tor before although it’s on an hour’s drive from my house. When I arrived there was only his car and someone camping at the side of the road.

The weather for once was on our side and I thought the location was amazing. I can’t believe that I don’t shoot in the Peak District more often. It seems to be much under rated and we don’t see enough images from the area. I suspect this is because they aren’t quite as dramatic as many other locations.

I hope you like the image and have a great weekend.