Friday Image No. 166

Hollybush Spout, Ingleton Waterfalls Trail

Earlier in the week I popped up the Motorway (a couple of hours) to the Yorkshire Dales. As the weather was nice we decided to do the Waterfalls Walk at Ingleton. We like the walk and often extend it by walking further up Whernside to explore the scar. Although I took plenty of shots from … Continue reading Friday Image No. 166

Friday Image No.165

Over the Christmas break I headed out for a walk a number of times. Quite often I found myself taking the Fuji X-T2. Now that I have the 18-135mm lens, I find I’m using it more frequently as a “grab and go” camera. I’m also very pleased with the results. On this particular morning, it … Continue reading Friday Image No.165

Friday Image No.152

I can’t believe it’s Friday already; the week has absolutely flown by. Monday, I launched my latest book and gave a presentation at Macclesfield Camera Club. It only seems like yesterday. This time last week I had just given a presentation at York Photographic Society and decided to take a trip to Harrogate. I actually … Continue reading Friday Image No.152

I Just Realised it’s Thursday

I just realised it’s Thursday and I haven’t posted anything all week. Where has the week gone. I have been so busy trying to finish writing my Photoshop Masking book that I have overlooked everything else I need to do. I even have a couple of photography presentations at clubs next week and I’m not … Continue reading I Just Realised it’s Thursday

Exercising the Ghost of Fujinon

It’s almost a year since I purchased a used Fuji X-T1 and Fujinon 18-135 lens. I loved the X-T1 and fairly quickly upgraded to the X-T2. The Fujinon 18-135 was though a complete disappointment. I remember returning home following the first outing where I had shot the scene above. I downloaded the images to my … Continue reading Exercising the Ghost of Fujinon