Three Images from One

Storm over the sea at Dawlish, Devon.

Last week I was down in Dawlish, Devon for the first time in many years. Whilst I was there, I caught up with an old friend and we managed a visit to Wistmans Wood. I’d wanted to visit the woods for a long time and even thought about sharing one of the images here. But that will need to wait for another day because I wanted to share this shot of a storm rolling across the sea.

When I took the shot at Dawlish, I had the camera set to black and white because that’s how I envisaged it. If you want to see the original colour image, here it is.

Starting image in colour.

I shot this handheld using a Fuji XT3 and Fuji 16-80 lens at 16mm. The exposure is 1/110” at f/14 and ISO160 and there was no need for any filters. I made the conversion to black and white using Nik Silver Efex Pro.

Now the black and white shot is my favourite, but I did decide to create another colour version. This one was a sunset simulation using Nik Viveza.

Sunset simulation

If you want to see how I did this (it’s very easy) I’ve just published the video on YouTube:

I hope you like the image, enjoy the video and have a great weekend.

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