My Lightweight Microstock Experiment

After my last blog post about my Camera Wish List, it got me thinking that I will probably want to upgrade my trusty LX5 at some point over the next year. There is nothing currently on the market that would make me switch but I suspect there will be over the next 12 months. Why? … Continue reading My Lightweight Microstock Experiment

My Compact Camera Wish List

With Christmas approaching my mind has turned to some of the new compact cameras on the market. Why this should happen I don’t exactly know because I remain a huge fan of the LX5. What this has confirmed to me however is that whilst there are some very nice cameras on the market, none make … Continue reading My Compact Camera Wish List

I’m Still Obsessing over Print Size & Quality

I have written a few posts now about creating large prints from my LX5 and GX1 cameras. The GX1 has 16Mpixels and produces A3+ prints without any scaling but the LX5 needs enlargement. A3+ is not however my target as I have already proven that can be done without compromise. No, my target s 30” … Continue reading I’m Still Obsessing over Print Size & Quality

What if you don’t shoot RAW

If you look back over my posts you will find quite a lot of comments about the need to shoot in RAW format and how I use RAW all the time. I have however been reminded by a couple of readers that not everyone does or even wants to shoot in RAW. So what should … Continue reading What if you don’t shoot RAW

My GX1 Lightweight Trip

I was going to use today’s post to tell you a little more about how I used the Topaz Detail 2 software to emphasise the detail in my LX5 images to produce enlargements. On Friday however I attended a Topaz webinar about Detail 3 which is due for release shortly. Detail 3 seems to be … Continue reading My GX1 Lightweight Trip

Yet More Details

In my previous blog I shared my process for making large prints with the LX5. I didn’t however explain about two of the other pieces of software that I also experimented with. The first of these that I want to tell you about is Photo Ninja which is a RAW converter. If the name reminds … Continue reading Yet More Details

Making Large LX5 Prints Again

It’s not often that I have free time these days but this weekend was different. My wife had gone to a knitting exhibition over in Harrogate with her sister and I found myself with a free afternoon. On the rare occasions when this happens and I don’t have any photography organised I like to experiment … Continue reading Making Large LX5 Prints Again