Essential Photoshop

How confident are you in using Photoshop?

Are you able to look at a photograph and immediately know the steps you will go through to improve it? Can you navigate the Photoshop interface easily to find the tools and features you need to use? Do you have the skills to reveal the hidden beauty of your photographs and literally transform them?

If you can’t answer with a yes to these questions then this book could hold all the information you need to become proficient with Photoshop. It can be applied to any version of Photoshop released since the year 2000 so you can be confident that you will gain value even if you are still using Photoshop 6.

Photoshop is a superb tool for photographers wishing to enhance their images. Unfortunately, it’s a huge, complex application with a very steep learning curve. Think of any change you might want to make to an image and there will be many different adjustments you could use; some will be good but others could be ill-advised. There are also different approaches to working with images; the best will be non-destructive whilst others could find you repeating changes if you need to start over. This book explains how to work in the right way with the essential Photoshop tools. You will gain confidence that you are working with your images using a recommended and professional approach.

See the book on

See the book on

And don’t worry if you don’t have a Kindle device, Amazon provide free software that allows you to read Kindle books on all major platforms including PC, Mac, iPad, Android etc. If you would like to try this out please use the link below.

Download free Kindle Reader Software

Cover of my new Photoshop Book
Cover of my new Photoshop Book

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