1. Love the mystery look to this picture. I dabbled with infrared film back in the day, trying to load 35mm film in a dark room while the camera was inside a lightproof film bag was sooo much fun……

    Never got much out of it though, this was pre internet days and I really didn’t know what I was doing. I doubt I will have my spare Nikon D3300 or D40 converted though. Although the D40….maybe. I will have to see if it can be done and how much.

    1. Hi Graham, I’m pleased you like the image. If your thinking about having a camera converted, talk to ProTech. The first camera I had converted was using a company called ACS. They were good but very slow and also quite expensive. The next one was done by ProTech who were excellent and very helpful on the phone. They are cheaper and turned around the camera in a week. I have a friend who had two cameras done by them (at different times). He also had very good service and in one instance the camera was turned round in a day because they knew he was in a rush. I think I paid £250 to have the Olympus converted.

  2. The high-key effect of IR together with the depth of field has created a very attractive ethereal image. Silver Birches are beautiful trees and they really make this image work well – a darker trunked tree would not have worked so well.

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