Shooting Autumn in the Lakes Part 2

I have posted a follow up on You Tube to my “In the field” video. This time I’m shooting Clappersgate Bridge in the Lake District. This is a classic view and especially so in the Autumn when the trees are golden as you can see above. I then go on to show the processing you [...]

Photographic Approach

Recently I have been talking a lot about camera so I want to redress the balance a little. I have been having a couple of email exchanges recently with people who don’t like my photography. I have no issue with this, I just can’t understand why they feel the need to tell me. What I [...]

Friday Image No.115

It’s another tree in Infrared. Sometimes, when the light is right, shooting infrared becomes addictive. It’s hard, actually very hard to put the camera down. And so, it was when I visited the Lake District at the start of November. As a result, you will need to suffer more infrared images. I do hope you [...]

Shooting Autumn in the Lakes

In case you haven’t yet seen, I have uploaded my latest video to You Tube. This shows an element of the location where I was shooting, including the location details (I am listening). This is then followed by how I processed the image using Lightroom and Viveza. The feedback on You Tube seems quite positive [...]

Friday Image No.114

This week I would like to share another infrared image. This was captured using an Olympus EM5 which I had converted to shoot Infrared. It was shot in the Lake District at a location called Place Fell and it’s the first time I have been thee. I intend to return in the future as I [...]

Roll Your Own Camera Profiles

Have you ever wanted to tweak the camera profiles in Lightroom? Or perhaps you have wondered how Camera Profiles are created? Perhaps you don’t like the profiles that ship with your camera and want to create something better. This short video introduces you to a great free tool from Adobe that allows you to generate [...]

Installing Camera Profiles in Lightroom

My latest video is now live on You Tube. You can subscribe to my channel using the link below or watch the video here (please note the video doesn't show up in email, only on the blog). If you’re a Lightroom user and aren’t familiar with changing your Camera Profile, be sure to [...]