Friday Image No.101

Here’s one for all you fans of Black and White. If you’re wondering what the colour image looked like at the start or the processing I used, it’s all covered in a short You Tube video. View You Tube Channel You might find it rather surprising if you haven’t seen it before. Have a great [...]

Aperture & Sharpness

At one time I didn’t understand the relationship between aperture & image sharpness. I read many magazine articles and books where Landscape Photographers would commonly say they stopped the lens down to the smallest aperture to ensure the image was sharp from front to back. What I hadn’t realised is that they weren’t discussing image [...]

New Nik Color Efex Video Post If you have been following my series of video posts on the Essential Landscape filters found in the Nik Color Efex software, I have uploaded the fourth in the series. This is possibly the last of these so if anyone has a particular request relating to Nik filters or other aspects of image editing [...]

Friday Image No. 100

When I started publishing a Friday Image I never dreamed that I would reach 100 but here it is. I shot this image almost 10 years ago using a Canon 300D DSLR. This was the first affordable consumer DSLR and cost me around £900 with a kit lens. At the time I was shooting 35mm [...]

I Have to Show You This

I find this image very exciting. Now before you think I have lost the plot I need to explain a little about why I’m excited. It’s not the content or the composition, although I do quite like the scene, it’s actually the quality that’s exciting me. Let’s take a closer look at some of the [...]

Life with Apple

From the many comments I received, I suspect many of you read my post “Dear Microsoft – I’m Leaving You” with some amusement. As it seemed to be quite a popular subject that evoked a high degree of conversation, I thought I would do an update as I have been living with Apple for some [...]

You Tube Video: Nik Color Efex Essential Landsape Filters

For those of you who are Nik users, you might be interested in a new video I uploaded to You Tube. I’ve had a lot of correspondence in the past where people have struggled with how to use Nik Color Efex and why it’s different from Viveza. Generally speaking, Color Efex is all about adding [...]