Road Trip America

Back at the start of May you might recall I wrote a short piece about the equipment I would pack for a trip I was planning to make. Unfortunately, (for me at least) the trip is now over and I'm back in the UK. Whilst I have been trying to write and reply using a [...]

It’s that Tree Again

Someone recently mentioned that you could do a book on this iconic lone tree. Whilst I don’t often visit the area, on this last trip I do seem to have photographed the tree quite a few times in different conditions. Here’s one from the end of the day. The Photographers Ephemeris said we were in [...]

Friday Image No. 93

This is Mam Tor in the Peak District. Given that I live on the edge of the Peak District and this location is just a 40-minute drive from my house (ignore the 1 hour walk once you get there) I seldom go. I don’t know why but the landscape never seems to appeal in the [...]

Processing Friday Image No.92

Last week I posted Friday Image No.92 and made comment about my having some kind of image blindness. In this particular case I think it was down to the conditions I was shooting in and the expectations I had in my mind. I often go out hoping for wonderful light and clean air, only to [...]

Friday Image No.92

Last week I shared Friday No.91 which was taken on my first outing with the Olympus EM5. Later the same day I shot this image with the EM5. At the time I liked the scene but the conditions were very poor. It’s only now that I recognise I captured the image I wanted to. I [...]

Topaz Texture Effects Book Launch

I’m very pleased to be able to announce that my latest book “From Photography to Art with Topaz Texture Effects” has now been published and is available on Amazon. The book covers in detail how to use the Texture Effects software and provides two full length examples for you to follow. In common with my [...]

Friday Image No.91

I shot this image almost 3 years ago in June 2013. It was my first outing with the Olympus EM5, a camera that I feel has changed my photography. This is actually 4 images merged in Lightroom. I shot a lot of these panoramic series back then as I found the EM5 was so easy [...]