A Love for Film

A few weeks back I did something that was a little out of character; I bought a large camera. It isn’t the largest camera but it’s a quite big and somewhat heavy. The camera in question is a Bronica SQ-Ai together with 4 lenses and a 2x converter. If you’re not familiar with these camera’s, [...]

Processing the Wind Farm Image

The other week I published an image similar to this. Well for those who are interested (and quite a few people emailed me), here is the starting image. If you want to know the processing steps I posted the tutorial on Lenscraft. Here’s the link. https://lenscraft.co.uk/processing-wind-farm-photograph/

Friday Image No. 86

Have you ever tried to photograph a tree trunk with a full frame or even an APSC sensor camera? It’s very difficult and you often need to resort focus stacking because you can’t get the depth of field you need. This is one of the advantages of the smaller sensor cameras such as they can [...]

Google Releases Entire Nik Collection for FREE

I can hardly believe it but it’s true. There’s no catch and they are even promising a refund for those of us who purchased the software. Here is the link https://plus.google.com/+NikCollection/posts/AFGsG2Di7EK If you haven’t downloaded the software do it immediately before they come to their senses.

Friday Image No. 85

As regular visitors will know, I recently decided to pursue a personal project to document the moorland near to my home and share some of the views from the area. Today’s image is another from the series taken with the Sony RX10 which I am liking more and more these days. It’s right at the [...]

My Current Camera Line-up

Someone recently ask what my current camera line up was so here goes: Canon G7X – A nice, small carry anywhere pocket camera that’s a reasonable all round performer. It produces nice images from the 20Mpixel 1” sensor and seems very good at handling noise for a camera of this size. The RAW files are [...]

Friday Image No. 84

Last weekend we had snow and a reasonable amount at that. So I did what I usually like to do in the snow and went for a long walk in the hills. With my new found project of moorland views I headed up onto the moors to join the Pennine Way. Now to reach the [...]