Friday Image No.79

I shot this a couple of weeks back when I was lucky enough for a visit to the Lake District to coincide with a good snow fall. This isn’t though one of your grand, well known scenes but just a small layby along the road from Ambleside to Coniston, about 2 miles out of Ambleside. [...]

Pulling Shadow Detail from RAW Files

A couple of weeks back I showed a post of Lulworth cove shot at sunrise and passed comment about how easy it now seems to be able to lift detail from extreme shadows with the Sony A7r. Someone mentioned that it would help if rather than me talking about seeming blacks in the RAW file, [...]

Friday Image No. 78

I’m sure that any readers currently residing in the UK will agree we have been having some rather odd weather of late. Today it was some 11 or 12 degrees (Celsius) in Manchester which is ridiculously warm for this time of year. Yet only last weekend we had sub-zero temperatures and snow. But the snow [...]

Topaz Texture Effects Discount

Topaz have just contacted me to say they are offering a discount on their new software Texture Effects until the end of January. Rather than the usual $69.99, its discounted down to $49.99 when you use the discount code EASYTEXTURE. Here’s the link If you’re not familiar with Texture Effects, it’s well worth trying [...]

Washing Your Colours

I’m sure you have experienced it. You shoot a nice image but when you come to process it, you just can’t seem to achieve a good colour balance. The image above is one such example. No matter how much I tried to adjust the Colour Temperature and Tint in Lightroom, I couldn’t get it to [...]

Friday Image No.77

When I look at this image it’s easy to forget how difficult the conditions were. This is a three image stitch using the Sony A7r with a Canon 16-35 L series lens. One shot, even with the wide angle of the 16mm wasn’t sufficient to catch the entire scene. Metering was another problem. The contrast [...]

The Rain Has Stopped

Today there was a break in the rain so I took the opportunity to go for a walk. Ordinarily I would take the RX10 for such outings as I don’t need to worry about leaving anything behind. It’s a great all in one camera. Today though I decided to take the Panasonic GM1 with its [...]