Friday Image No.73

Sometimes you just strike it lucky with the weather and location. And so it was last weekend. I would like to think it was Karma balancing out the universe following the dreadful website hosting problems on Lenscraft and perhaps I’m owed a few more good Landscape days. Somehow I doubt it. I hope you like [...]

Telephoto Solution

In my previous post I explained the problem I had encountered using the Canon 70-200 L f/4.0 with the Sony A7R. Whilst I did think about simply buying an identical replacement lens, in the end I decided that I couldn’t justify the expense as I seldom use Telephoto lenses in Landscape work. The first alternative [...]

Telephoto Troubles

Not too long ago I took the decision to supplement my Olympus EM5 with a full frame camera and purchased a Sony A7R. It was the smallest and most compact option on the market for full frame at the time. I really like Sony cameras for their colour handling (I also have an RX10) and [...]

Please Read – Dire Website Problems at Lenscraft

The Lenscraft website is down yet again although this time I triggered it. Regular readers may recall some of the problems I have experienced over the past 12 months. In this time I have repeatedly upgraded the site and hosting package to cope with problems. At the same time the support from my hosting company [...]

New Topaz Texture Effects

  Have you seen the new Topaz Texture Effects yet? This is a new plugin from Topaz that allows you to blend textures with your images as well as add many more effects. I’m having quite a bit of fun playing around with it as you can see from the images above. The effects are [...]

Friday Image No.73

First I must start with an apology to anyone who has been trying to contact me over the past couple of weeks. I decided to take a break and have been away in Dorset. One of the problems with this area is that the internet and telephone coverage is poor which made responding to people [...]

Friday Image No.72

I shot this image a few years back on a trip to Whitby. The idea was to shoot lots of nice coastal scenes over a couple of days but as usual the weather didn’t work. Rather than give up or try to fight the light, we went looking for woodland to shoot. Walking through some [...]