Friday Image No.71

I love trees and last weekend went for a walk in the Peak District, above and then along the banks of Derwent reservoir. The autumn colours were quite spectacular but it’s this tree that captured my attention. The bark was a wonderful silver blue colour and seemed so smooth. I’m not sure that it comes [...]

A New Brush for Lightroom

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for your support with yesterday’s problem. A number of people also emailed me to say don’t worry about 1 star reviews where there is no comment (“no one ever pays attention to these”). Unfortunately the sales data suggests people are swayed strongly by [...]

I Need Your Help Please

I recently published a book on Amazon called “Photoshop Layers: Professional Strength Image Editing”. It took many hours and days of effort over a 6 month period to develop the end product and I was very pleased with the end result. It was actually doing quite well until it received its first review. The review [...]

Friday Image No.70

I have been rather tied up this week by all sorts of things (such as earning a living) that have prevented me from blogging and I’m feeling very guilty. This is in stark contrast to last year when I was away, trekking in Bolivia at this time. In fact I’m pretty sure the hardest thing [...]

Friday Image No.70

I shot this image back at the beginning of April. At the time there were no images that I liked but now that I return to review them I find quite a few that I like, including this one. For those who don’t know the area, this is Gordale Scar in the Yorkshire Dales. It’s [...]

Are We Being Fleeced

As some regular readers may be aware, I have recently added to my equipment with a Sony A7r. It’s an impressive piece of equipment and is capable of resolving an amazing amount of detail with the right lenses. If you’re not aware of the specification, the sensor is 36Mpixels and it has no antialiasing filter [...]

Friday Image No.69

It’s strange how a negative experience whilst taking photographs can compel us to dislike an image. It’s only when the emotion of the day has been dulled by time that we can see the image for what it is. But when the emotion was strong, its effect can linger. The image I’m sharing today is [...]