Taking in New Views

I have mentioned in this blog previously that there are some areas of the UK which should be good for photography but when I go there they seldom reward my efforts. The Peak District is one such area; on paper it should be good but for me it’s always a bit of a let-down. This [...]

Photoshop Layers Book Launched

Ever since I published my book “Essential Photoshop” I have received regular requests for a follow up book. The original book was designed to give the Photoshop beginner all the essential skills required to be able to enhance their photography. It’s been a great success and many people have given good reviews on Amazon. What [...]

Friday Image No.67

I’m currently working my way through part of my image backlog and suspect this will be an ongoing challenge for at least the next few years. I have fallen badly behind in the processing of images and now need to catch up. I will continue to share some of these through the blog as my [...]

Photographing North Wales

I recently posted an article about a new book I had purchased which described photographic locations in The Peak District. Spurred on by my success in finding such a great book I decided to see what other photo location books were available for the UK, and which might cover locations I regularly visit. That’s when [...]

Friday Image No.66

For this week’s Friday image I wanted to share a shot from last Saturday’s outing to Barmouth in North Wales. This is Estuary which is a huge expanse of sand or water (depending on the tides) and which is immensely impressive. If you look closely on the sands to the left side you will see [...]

The G7X is Working Well

I thought that I would share this image with you. It was shot on the Canon G7X during Saturday’s trip to Barmouth in Wales. We had just walked up through the woods to this outlook and decided the light was perfect. As my main camera was in a pack on my back I decided to [...]

Canon G7X – They May Have it Right

I was out with a friend yesterday at Barmouth in Wales. The weather didn’t really play its part but the cameras still performed wonderfully. The G7X was particularly nice to use (despite the criticisms I might have levelled against it in past blog posts). It was nice to have a pocket camera that I could [...]