Friday Image No. 63

This is West Burton Falls in the Yorkshire Dales, England. It’s the first time I had visited the location and the conditions were far from perfect. Rather than a lovely velvet trickle of water over the falls it was a gushing torrent with a grey overcast sky. I did shoot a number of colour images [...]

New Brush in Lightroom 6

I recently published a Friday Image and mentioned that I had found a new brush tool in the Lightroom filters. My intention was to post a blog explaining a little bit more but the lack of time has prevented me from doing so. That is until now. The new brush is available with any of [...]

Canon G7X Field Report

Yesterday I met up with a friend for some well-deserved landscape photography. We had intended to visit Anglesey but the weather forecast was dreadful and so decided to visit Yorkshire instead. It was also a useful test of my new G7X to see how it faired in the field, especially as the Lensmate filter adapter [...]

Friday Image No. 62

This week’s Friday image is one from my trip last year to Bolivia. It appears that I am running out of interesting images to share as well as being short of time. I don’t know what’s happening to me at the moment. I didn’t even manage to post the blog about the new Lightroom Brush [...]

Further Thoughts on the Canon G7X

Last week I mentioned that my new Canon G7X arrived and I shared my first thoughts on the camera, having not even switched it on. This past weekend I charged the battery and inserted a memory card. Whilst knew I wasn’t going to get out to for serious photography I was determined to shoot a [...]

Friday Image No. 61

At the moment I have a really strong feeling that I want to shoot some coastal scenes. I haven’t been getting out very much at all with my camera as there have been too many other things that I need to do that unfortunately don’t relate to photography. The best I can do is content [...]

My First Impression of the Canon G7X

In my previous post I mentioned that I was going to buy a Canon G7X given how impressed I was with the G16 compact camera I had been using. Well it arrived yesterday and I have decided to do something unusual. I’m going to give a quick review of my first impressions having not yet [...]