Friday Image No.60

It's been a very long week again. Most of my free time was taken up with repairing the damage done to the Lenscraft site and dealing with errors in Google so I apologise for not posting anything of interest this past week. Hopefully after this weekend I can get back to normal and start posting [...]

Lenscraft is Back

I just managed to get the Lenscraft site back on line. I will post more when I have time. Thanks for your patience. Robin

Yet More Website Issues

I’m sorry to announce that the Lenscraft website is down again for the 3rd time in 6 months. I decided to sign up for the CloudFlare service (through my hosting company) and almost immediately Lenscraft went offline. Not only is the Lenscraft site down I also can’t get into the admin side to try to [...]

Friday Image No. 59

The clean-up of my image library backlog continues and I suspect it will be ongoing for some time. I worked out recently that I have nearly 300,000 images in the backlog – that’s going to take some time to work through. On a positive note I am certainly getting the desired distance (in time) from [...]

Lightroom Panorama Tool Tip

I am fast becoming a fan of the new Photo Merge to Panorama feature in Lightroom 6 (Creative Cloud). I can use the Stacking feature to easily group the photos in a panorama series so that I don’t mix them up with single images. I can then create the new merged panorama as a DNG [...]

Friday image No. 58

Recently I have begun the task (albeit slowly) of cleaning up my Lightroom Catalogues. I have loads of rubbish in there and all these images are beginning to weigh on my conscience. Some people do this clean up activity almost as soon as they have downloaded the images to their computer but this doesn’t seem [...]

Topaz Adjust 40% Discount

I have just received word that Topaz are running a 40% discount on their popular Adjust software starting 16th July and running through to the end of the month. The discount code for anyone who is interested is JULYADJUST. This brings the price down to $29.99 which is an absolute bargain if you don’t already [...]