Do You Want a Fisheye Lens

I noticed the other day that Olympus has a new 8mm fisheye lens about to launch. Ordinarily I am a huge fan of Olympus equipment and especially there lenses. But this one, I’m not even interested in. The reason is the price. I’m sorry but £799 for a fisheye lens is way overpriced. It’s not [...]

New Lenscraft Tutorials

I have been hard at work over the past month developing further tutorials for my Lenscraft website. All are free in the hope they will help photographers everywhere (as well as promote the Lenscraft website). If you find these helpful please pass on the link to others: Simulate Film Grain Using Photoshop Layers Simulate Film [...]

Friday Image No.56

This week’s Friday Image is another from my recent revisit of Wells Cathedral. What I am finding interesting is that this trip appears to have many more image that I like than my previous trip. I don’t know if I have developed as a photographer (I certainly hope so) or if there is another factor. [...]

Not Following my Own Advice

I recently wrote a short tutorial titled “The Best ISO Setting”. Whilst you can of course read it by following the link, it comes down to this, the best ISO to use is the one that lets you capture a sharp image. It’s much better to suffer a little ISO noise than have a shaky [...]

Sony RX10 – Is now the time to buy

I just received an email from WEX Photographic saying that I can pre-order the RX10 MKII. Whilst they don’t list the release date, it must be soon. The price is just short of £1,200 and browsing the spec, the thing that hits me is that it seems quite similar to the current RX10 model. Sure [...]

Friday Image No.55

In my previous post I showed an image shot during my recent holiday in Cornwall. It was used to illustrate how you can achieve a significant depth of field even at what might appear to be a large aperture. I said in the post that I had a better version of the image which was [...]

How Much Depth of Field

Last week I took a well-deserved break (at least in my eyes) and went on holiday to Cornwall. Whilst away I took this photo that I wanted to share with you. The reason for sharing is not that this is a great Landscape image (I have a much better one taken at sunset rather than [...]