Perfect Prints Every Time – New Book

I receive a lot of mail from photographers struggling to print their photographs on inkjet printers. It's usually things such as there's a colour cast or the print doesn't look like the image on screen. Sometimes it's a little more serious with complaints such as the colours and blacks are completely off. Many people who [...]

Friday Image No. 050

Regular readers of this blog may well remember my experiment with the Nikon D800 which I eventually sold. At the time I had a number of outings where I struggled to get the best out of the camera. Isn’t it interesting how time and distance from an event help change your perception. Don’t worry, I [...]

A Little Crazy

I have done something a little crazy. Since talking to my friend about scanning and having done a few scans myself recently, I have had the bug to shoot some film again. In particular I want to shoot Infrared but I might even start shooting some slide film again. Whilst I have around 50 rolls [...]

Hybrid Workflow

  On a recent photo outing with a friend we got talking about film photography. He had recent returned to film photography (but also uses a digital camera) and was now using a hybrid workflow with his film. This involved shooting film which he then scanned using an Epson V700 flatbed scanner. The resulting scans [...]

Spring Has Arrived

I didn't have to walk far for this shot. These crocus were in the pot outside my back door. Lovely colours from the RX10 again.

Friday Image No.049

This week’s Friday Image is yet another picture from my Sony RX10. I must apologise to anyone who feels this is becoming a Sony RX10. It isn’t, it’s just that I am finding myself reaching for the RX10 increasingly often, especially when a walk is involved. I don’t need to remember to take additional lenses [...]

Could my RX10 be “Wired Wrong”

I know that it seems far fetched but this is the question I find myself asking given some of my recent experiences. It started with the image you see above. This was a long exposure shot on a tripod using a Lee 6 Stop ND filter. To arrive at this image I had to make [...]