March Giveaway

I have decided to give away my bestselling book in March. On the 14th and 15th March 2015 you will be able to download "Essential Photoshop" for FREE on Amazon (here is the link for and It's intended to take you from knowing very little to having a good grounding in the key [...]

Friday Image No. 48

This week's Friday image comes from my recent trip to the UK Lake District. I post this not because it's a great image but because I started playing around with the RX10 image to see how much detail I could pull out of the image and also how much I could enlarge it by. The [...]

Sony RX10 Exposure Tips

I mentioned in my last blog that I had been using the Sony RX10 exclusively over the last week and in doing so I noticed a few things about how to get a good exposure. Here is what I learned: When the highlights clip they literally fall of a cliff. This can make the areas [...]

Sony RX10 Surprise

You might have noticed that I haven’t posted anything over this past week. That’s because I have been taking a break in the Lake District enjoying some walking and a little photography. I had with me a range of cameras (you never quite know what you will need): Sony RX10 Olympus EM5 Panasonic GM1 (including [...]

Friday Image No. 47

It seems like ages since I have been able to post a Friday Image as there has always been something that got in the way. Hopefully things are improving after all the website issues. I also promise to catch up with the backlog of email queries people have been sending me but please be patient [...]

The RX10 is winning me over by osmosis

I've had the RX10 for around 14 months now so I should be in a position to say if it's a good camera or not. Had you asked me this question 12 months ago I would probably have said (if I was being totally truthful) that it was a bit of a letdown. You see [...]

Latest Book Published

I'm pleased to announce that my new book is now available on amazon. It's titled "Beginning photography the right way: Taking control of the camera". I decided to write this book following many conversations with photographers, some quite experienced experience, who really didn't understand the core skills of camera control. Whilst they knew about terms [...]