An Important Decision

It was an early start yesterday. Up at 4:30 in the morning in order to make the 2 hour journey to Ullswater in the Lake District for a dawn shoot. Despite the early morning start it was without question one of the most enjoyable days photography that I have ever had. Overnight the temperature had [...]

Something to Say Again

I had a bit of a scare over the holidays that made me realise how sloppy I have become with my backup process. At one time I was pretty rigorous in processing and backing up my images. Everything went into a holding area on my hard drive which was duplicated to a second hard drive. [...]

Not much to say for myself

It doesn't happen often but I don't have anything to actually say for myself today. I also feel a little frustrated that I'm looking through my library of work over the past year and I'm somewhat under-inspired by my efforts. Some things catch my attention but when I look more closely I lose interest. I [...]

Friday Image No. 44

Yet another image from my trip to Bolivia. This time the view across the mountains as we climbed Acontango. The original image is very blue despite being early in the morning, due to the altitude. This wasn't a problem as I knew I could make this work for me in the conversion to black and [...]

Christmas Book Sale

I'm reducing my Nik eBooks in price to either £0.99 each or $0.99 each (depending on which amazon site you use). Now unfortunately the offer is only available on or so if you don't or can't buy kindle books from either of these you won't be able to take advantage - sorry, that's [...]

Alien Skin Exposure 7

I'm happy. I just received a free upgrade to my copy of Alien Skin Exposure. I purchased Exposure 6 back in July and Exposure 7 has just been launched. As I purchased my copy later than June I get a free upgrade - fantastic. I'm not experimenting with all the features and new film presets. [...]

Working with Textures

One thing that I really enjoy doing is working with texture files. I like the surprise of the new and enjoyment of creating something more akin to art than photography. I don't often share this sort of work as many people don't class it as photography and quite a lot don't like it. But if [...]