You Lucky People!

Yesterday I loaded a number of Lightroom Presets I had been building, to the Lenscraft website. I then sent out an email broadcast to the membership list saying the presets were now available and free to download. From the stats, I can see a lot of people have been able to access the site and [...]

Friday image No.041

I did wonder whether to post this shot or not. If you look hard at the image you find it feels cluttered. It isn't a great composition (because there wasn't much to compose). It's also a grab shot. You see I shot this whilst spending ages fighting with the Nikon D800 on a tripod. I [...]

How I Created the La Paz Image

It seems that my previous post created a bit of a stir with a few requests for a tutorial added to the site and many more sent by email. I have therefore bowed to public pressure and added a tutorial to my Lenscraft site describing how the image was captured and then processed. There may [...]

Friday image No.040

This is a very quick one. It's a view over the city of La Pas in Bolivia. Click the image to zoom in and it's truly an amazing sight. Have a great weekend everyone.

A Surreal Experience in Bolivia

I must admit that I have seen some beautiful and unusual landscapes around the world in my time but this one in Bolivia has to take the prize for the most unusual. The salt flats of Uyuni in Bolivia are spectacular. They are flat and white but in some locations there are small islands of [...]

New Book Launch

Some time back I posted the above image as a "Friday Image". It drew quite a favourable response so I decided to include it in my latest book as one of the examples. The new book is now live on Amazon and is titled "Nik Efex from Start to Finish: Workflows and examples using the [...]

Friday image No.039

This week's Friday image was shot on my trip to Wales last week. It was 10:00 in the morning on Saturday and the rain was coming down hard from the dark sky. My friend checked the weather forecast and announced the weather would clear at 11:00 and that we should leave now to be ready [...]