The Need for Enjoyment

So, here I am in London with a couple of friends for the day and our sole purpose is to enjoy ourselves taking pictures. But I wasn't. Not because this isn't a great city or I wasn't happy being with my friends, I just wasn't inspired. I was taking photographs but I wasn't creating photography. [...]

A Note of Thanks

I would like to publish a note of thanks to the security officers at Canary Wharf in London. Yesterday I visited London with a couple of friends as tourists to take pictures. One of our locations was Docklands with the intention of photographing some of the icon architecture including Canary Wharf. Waiting for our friend [...]

Friday image No.017

It's back to images from my Filey trip for this week's Friday image. This was shot from Filey brig and is a long exposure taken during the day. It's a 6 second exposure which I captured on the Olympus EM5. I used a Hi-Tech 8 stop ND filter from their ProStop IRND range (here is [...]

Walking through History

With it being a Bank Holiday in the UK today and for once the weather not being terrible, I went for a walk. I like quite near to the Peak District National Park but for some reason I seldom visit. Today I decided I wanted a good walk in the hills so drove over to [...]

Friday image No.016

This week's Friday image is another shot from my Filey trip last weekend. Here is the spit of land that juts out into the sea and forms the Filey Brigg. The low setting sun was an amazing transformation from the grey sky of the earlier day. Have a great weekend.

Playing Around

I have just been playing around with some of my images from the trip to Filey at the weekend. Here is another of the images shot from Filey Brigg. The Brigg is a huge lump of rock extending out into the sea. It's quite dark, moody and dare I say it, difficult to photograph. This [...]

Infrared on the Brigg

First off, sorry there was no Friday image this week. With everything else I had on, I just couldn't fit it in. One of the things I was doing was visiting Filey on the East Coast of England with a friend. We didn't have great weather but we did manage to capture some interesting shots. [...]