Weekend Image No. 006

It's a day early (because I have a hectic schedule tomorrow and over the weekend) but here is this week’s weekend image and it’s an odd one. The reason I say this is because I like the image when I first look at it and it even prints very nicely. It’s then when I start [...]

Photography with an open mind

Yesterday was time for a walk in that it wasn't raining hard; at least not when I headed out. As is usually the case I picked up a camera to take with me but this time it was a hard decision. Was it worth actually bothering? You see the walk I was intending to do [...]

Friday Image 006

In all my dashing around today I almost forgot to post my Friday image. I quite like the discipline of trying to create and post an image a week. I know others seem to manage one or more a day but I have too much else on to be able to make such a commitment. [...]

Contemplative Photography

For some reason, quite often when I tell people that I am reading a book on photography they appear surprised. I don't know why but it's just the general impression I get. I start by saying this as I am about to discuss a book I have purchased. Anyway, I was recently browsing the photography [...]

Why you dont need a DSLR

One of the great things I love about my blogging platform is that it allows me to see how people have found my site. Recently I have seen a lot of traffic coming from forums where people have considered switching from a DSLR to Micro 43. Typically someone with a good DSLR such as a [...]

Friday Image Tutorial

The tutorial describing how I created an A2 version of the Friday image is now live on Lenscraft. You can download it using this link http://www.lenscraft.co.uk/resources/164.html. There is quite a useful technique described of how to create an edge mask to prevent noise reduction damaging edges. I hope you enjoy.

The Friday Image 005

I missed sharing my Friday Image over the Christmas and New Year break so here is the first one of the New Year. I shot this image back in March last year on a trip to San Francisco. I don’t know the name of this building and the only location details I have are that [...]