Return of the LX

Regular readers may recall my decision a few months back to sell the Panasonic LX5, as I wasn't using the camera. Most of the time when I needed a compact camera I was taking the Sony RX100 which is a great little camera and much more compact than the LX5 (when the filter adapter was [...]

Broken Link in Silver Efex Book

I was recently contacted by someone who had purchased my Nik Silver Efex book but was having problems. I mention in the book that Nik provide a number of useful presets on their site which are free to download. These include a good Landscape preset and a faux infrared preset which is quite dramatic. There [...]

Friday Image 004

For this week’s Friday image I wanted to share the picture above. I shot this about 4 years ago. It’s from the town centre of Krakow in Poland. There is nothing spectacular about this image but I wanted to share it because it makes an interesting point. The image was shot on a Sony R1 [...]

Friday Image Step by Step

I had a request over the weekend to provide further details about how I did the Silver Efex conversion for the Friday 003 image. So here is a high level breakdown of the work. Step 1 - Start with the end in mind This involved looking at the image and understanding how I wanted it [...]

The Friday Image 003

The past couple of weeks I have failed miserably to publish a Friday image. My best intentions went out of the window due to being away both weekends so I am trying to make up for it with this image. On the surface there is nothing particularly excellent or stunning about it. It is however [...]

When is an A Series Filter not an A Series Filter

I want to share with you a valuable lesson about filters. Those of you reading this blog regularly will no doubt be aware of the importance I place on the use of filters, particularly ND Graduated filters, for Landscape Photography. For some time I have wanted to try out the reverse ND graduated filters that [...]

When more is less

So, I have done it. I returned the 14-140 lens for a refund and the money has gone against a Sony RX10. My first impressions are that this is quite a large camera. Actually, it's not a camera at all but a huge lens with a sensor stuck on the back. You might feel that [...]