Further Variations

My last post has drawn some interesting feedback on which image people like best and why. The thing I find fascinating about this exercise is not only do we tend to favour one image over the other (most of the time), but we tend to do this for different reasons. I have just read a [...]

Which do you like best

I captured this image of a frosty yesterday morning on the edge of a car park. It did raise a few eyebrows from passersby. My initial intension was to convert it to a black and white image using Nik Silver Efex Pro. I made a few variations of the image using different conversions, some high [...]

Its Weekend Again

I think I will try to make it a habit to to share an image for the weekend on Fridays. That probably means I will fail dismally after this one, as my commitments often keep me from sticking to a schedule. Let’s start with this image though. I shot this a couple of weeks back [...]

A new lens in the bag

To be totally honest, it’s actually two new lenses in the bag. The first is a 14mm prime which I picked up very cheaply. It was originally part of a Panasonic G series camera kit, but was sold separately having never been used (there are a lot of these on the market at present). The [...]

One for the Weekend

Not a long post today but I thought I would share one of the images I have been working on. This is Thornton’s Force in the Yorkshire Dales (UK). A friend and I had visited the Lake District to shoot Landscapes but the rain had come in so we reconsidered our plans. We checked our [...]

It’s Good to be Dissatisfied

I was out taking photographs with a friend at weekend and mentioned that it’s good to be dissatisfied. Let me explain my theory. When we first start out in photography it’s likely that we won’t take very good pictures. After some weeks or months of practice we might capture a few images that we recognise [...]

New Book Launch

I am very pleased (or relieved depending on how you look at it) to be able to share that my new eBook covering Nik Sharpener Pro 3 is out and can be purchased from Amazon.  It's titled Nik Sharpener Pro 3: How to achieve razor sharp images. It's priced as usual to be value for [...]