Looking Closer

I have to start this blog post with an admission. I have been purchasing new camera equipment again. This time it’s the Olympus 60mm macro lens. I had promised to buy myself one of these when I sold my Canon 5D MkII, but then thought I couldn't justify it. Macro isn’t my usual style of [...]

Comparing RAW Converters

In case you weren’t already aware, not all RAW converters are equal. Some are quite automated and easy to use whilst others have lots of options and take a lot of effort to achieve the best image. The other day, someone contacted me about my recent Photoshop book and asked if I would consider a [...]

Image Fact Sheet Launched

Something I said that I would do a few weeks back was to explain more about how I created this image, as well as explain some of the creative decisions I made. Well, I have put all the information into a new Image Fact Sheet, which you can download for free from my Lenscraft website. [...]

Back to the Future

Back in the 1980’s there was a company in the UK called Athena. They had shops in many high streets and produced what at the time was amazing artwork for people to hang on their wall. I remember as a teenager having two pictures (purchased from Athena) of a Porsche 940 and Lamborghini Countach hung [...]

New Photoshop Book Launch

I’m very pleased to announce (and with great relief) that my new Photoshop Book “Essential Photoshop: How to use 9 essential tools and techniques to transform your photography” is now live on Amazon (here is the link to it Amazon.com for US readers). The book is designed to support beginners and those who are not [...]

A day at the Beach

Yesterday was a day out at the beach but not as you might expect. The beach in question wasn't really a beach but the tidal flats of Morecambe Bay. As not everyone reading this will be familiar with the area, here is a link to Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morecambe_Bay The Bay has seen more than its fair [...]

Black & White Converter Update

In my last post I was vigorously outlining the benefits of the RX100 and especially the Low Light Hand Held mode. I also presented one of the images I had shot on my recent trip to France and which I had converted to Black and White using Nik Silver Efex Pro 2. Well here is [...]