More Details

I have to admit that I have never been very good at taking detail shots. I’m not talking here about macro work but about identifying and shooting abstract details and patterns close up. This is the sort of work that photographers such as David Ward have become well known for.  It’s not that I don’t [...]

Depth of Field with Micro 43

I responded to a question the other night asking for some guidance on Depth of Field and if possible an article. I thought about this for a while and it’s quite a complex subject involving ideas such as circle of confusion and hyperfocal focusing. Personally I don’t like complexity as it tends not to be [...]

I’m Getting Closer

Firstly I want to say there has been a great response to my previous post about my search for a Micro 43 bag. Thanks to everyone who has added comments and to those who have emailed me with various suggestions. I really appreciate your help and there have been some great ideas which I am [...]

Camera Bag Frustration

I am feeling happy once more. My frustration with not taking my camera out has subsided somewhat. At the weekend just gone I was up in the Lake District with my new camera at one of the best locations you can imagine – Haweswater. Unless you are familiar with the Lakes it’s unlikely you have [...]

Not Finding Time for Photography

I need to go slightly off topic today in order to gain some personal therapy. You see I have a problem at the moment. I seem to be working very hard but not finding any time for photography. By photography I mean the act of actually taking a picture. Instead my life is a round [...]

Saying Goodbye

I did it. I sold my 5D MKII and now own an Olympus OMD E5. It’s much smaller and lighter than the 5D and whilst I have yet to take it out on a shoot, I feel somehow liberated. I will miss the 5D and the excellent image quality. It was incredibly well built but [...]