Lightweight Infrared

I made an interesting discovery last night as a result of seeing a friends work on Flickr. Ed, the friend in question (who will probably also be reading this at some point) is on Flickr as Vision and Light. His work is excellent but he recently added one image of pine trees in a forest [...]

Last of the Snow (for now)

Well the snow came as predicted but in nowhere near the volume warned by the ever panicky media. Where I live in Saddleworth the snow can really pile up and I have known the road across the moor to be closed for months with snow drifts deep enough to cover cars and vans. The 4-6 [...]

RX100 Processing Error – Oops

In my earlier posting about my experiences with the Sony RX100 I mentioned that the results were very sharp and that when printed looked almost unreal. Well, I have a confession to make in that the error was mine it appears. In the past I have used a number of RAW converters and I often [...]

RX100 First Real Impressions

Finally I managed to get out with the RX100 at the weekend and despite all the snow headed to North Wales with a friend. The light didn’t last long before the sky closed in with it starting to snow again. Fortunately I managed to get quite a few shots with the RX100 which has allowed [...]

Sony RX100 – A Good Question

Following my blog posting to say that I am upgrading my LX5 to a Sony RX100 someone asked the perhaps obvious question why I had picked the Sony. There are so many high quality compacts now coming onto the market, why this one. In answering the question, I couldn’t provide one overriding reason so thought [...]

Dfine Noise Reduction Book Launch

I am very pleased to announce that my new book “How to Avoid and Remove Image Noise with Nik Dfine 2” is now live on Amazon and priced at only USD3.99 or GBP2.54. The book is organised into three parts: Part 1 examines the sources of noise in digital photography and outlines the steps you [...]

Upgrading my LX5

I have mentioned here before that this will be the year that I finally upgrade my beloved LX5. Not because it doesn’t perform but because it’s being surpassed by new technology that has a lot more to offer me. My intention however was to earn the cost of the upgrade by selling Microstock, something I [...]