Nokia PureView 808 41mp First Impressions Review

Nokia PureView 808 41mp First Impressions Review. Just been reading this review of the new 41mpixel camera phone. The results look impressive and specs amazing. Could this be the mega pixel wars starting up again?

You want to print it how big

I remember when I first purchased my Canon 5D MKII. One of the drivers behind this decision was to have a 21MPixel sensor. This was partly due to the main stock library I supplied only accepting 50Mb files and the pixel count on the 5D making this easy to achieve without interpolation. The other factor [...]

More Lightweight Noise Reduction

In a previous blog (Don’t Let Noise Kill Your Images) I wrote about the steps you could take to minimise noise in your images. It’s long been recognised that cameras with small sensors have higher levels of noise than they would if they had a larger sensor as a result of packing more pixels into less [...]

The Lightweight Portfolio Challenge

The Lightweight Portfolio Challenge New York, March 2011 Copyright: Robin Whalley 2011 Contact: I was recently reading about Haiku which is a form of Japanese poetry. The objective is to describe an idea in just 17 syllables in three lines (there is a bit more to it but this is the key point for [...]

Creating a Lightweight Photoshop Workflow

Creating a Lightweight Photoshop Workflow Rough seas, Norway, March 2012 Copyright: Robin Whalley 2012 Contact: Last night I was the guest speaker at a Camera Club; something that I like to do a number of times each year in order to share my knowledge, but also to pick up information from others. The event [...]

Don’t Let Noise Kill Your Images

Don't Let Noise Kill Your Images Cornwall, October 2011 Copyright: Robin Whalley 2011 Contact: One of the complaints that has dogged small and compact cameras in the past is that they are prone to noise and noise can kill images dead. Unfortunately, whilst advances have been made, these cameras by virtue of their smaller [...]

Are Compact Cameras up to the Job

Are Compact Cameras up to the Job Wasdale Head, January 2011 Copyright: Robin Whalley 2011 Contact: I was having a discussion with an acquaintance the other day who was arguing with me that Compact Cameras are just not up to the job of taking good quality images. His argument revolved around his own experience [...]